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Savanah & Ava Grace // Kansas City Mommy & Me Session

Some of the best photographs are best shot candid. Unposed, unplanned. Just you in a still from this one little moment; kept forever. As much as I loooove chasing 3 year olds around, I love it even more when mom and dad interact with their babies. You get to see the real them. Who they really are around each other and how they interact with one another. Ava and her mama, Savanah, did just that.

Ava was so sweet and it showed so wonderfully. So full of fun and smiles. I couldn't be happier and I'm so glad that Savanah took the time to make sure she got some photos WITH her baby. As a photographer herself, you don't always get the be in the pictures as you are almost always the one behind the camera. Definitely something that I need to remind myself of as well. Get in pictures too! Even if it is a cell phone shot. Portraits are not something that you just hang up on the wall or post on social media. They are a reminder that you are loved. Maybe that's just me being too sentimental but I like to remember moments. And not just with my memory. Which will eventually go bad as time goes by. LOL I like to see those memories and look back on them.

Ok, ok. Enough sentimental shenanigans. Hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I do. =)

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